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What will it cost?

The rates given in bold font below are merely average figures. 
Depending on the complexity of the source material, the actual price may diverge considerably from this average.

Feel free to contact me for an individual offer!

Affordable Translations


~ €0.14 per Word of souce text. Depending on the subject and information density,
a translation may cost between half and one and a half times as much.
For books, a per-page or flat rate can be negotiated as an alternative.

Professional Subtitling


€1.50 per subtitle, including time coding. As one minute of film may contain between
5 and up to 15 subtitles, it is not possible to give an average price per minute.

Proofreading Service

Voice-over scripts

~ €10.00 - 15.00 per minute of footage. Rates depend on the subject, complexity of the
content, spoken words per minute and, finally, the desired quality of your production.